About Us


Accents & Art Limited is a fully Ghanaian owned company established in May 2000 by Constance E. Swaniker as a sole proprietorship and registered as a limited liability company in May 2009.

Through our office, production facility and showroom located in Bubiashie, a suburb of Accra, we have strived over the years to realize our clients’ aspirations using a unique combination of exotic woods, wrought iron, cane and glass with an emphasis on exclusivity. With our select group of artisans, we pay careful attention to minute details, giving our pieces a quality look and feel comparable to global standards.

Over the past sixteen years, our journey has been one of creative exploration towards satisfying the very real Ghanaian appetite for quality yet affordable practical home and office furnishing.

Our vision is to be acknowledged as a market leader that delights its customers with exceptional quality furnishing and décor with a brand of innovative designs, supported by a motivated and disciplined workforce.

Today, we offer a fascinating combination of imagination, millenary and craftsmanship making us Ghana’s premier purveyor of metal art.