Currently, we enjoy the status as the market leader in our industry. This giant strive has contributed to several accomplishments.

We have been featured on various TV programmes such as Reuters News Agency, MNet’s Studio 53, TV Africa’s Obaa Mbo and TV3’s Today’s Woman & M’Asem and in local and international newspapers such as Graphic Showbiz & The Daily Graphic, Business & Financial Times & The Network Journal - and several business related magazines.

We also received an award for ‘Outstanding Industrial Metal furniture firm in Ghana’ by the Women Artists in Africa (wAi Africa) in 2008.

In 2010, we won an award for Best Entrepreneur SME Innovation at the Ghana Entrepreneur Awards. In 2013, we were adjudged the metal product of the year at the maiden edition of the Ghana Made Products by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana. In 2015, we won SME Industrial Award for Metal Construction.

A community service Award was presented by Nii Ashie Komowuo II in recognition of the company's immense contribution towards the development of the locality and the nation as a whole in that same year.

As part of its social responsibility, AA organizes periodic clean-ups and tree-planting exercises in neighboring communities and schools. In addition to this, every year AA provides the opportunity for Tertiary students to undergo their Student Industrial Attachement inorder to have hands-on experience in their courses.