Founder's Message

To us, Accents and Art is more than a business, it is a wholehearted passion to carry on the tradition of handcrafted iron - A passion to fulfil clients’ visions for the truly distinctive and extraordinary both in style and quality.

We are privileged to welcome you to our world, where imagination takes flight and hope to give you a delightful experience of what we do, stand for and deliver.The company was established with the aim of filling a void in the Ghanaian market for artistically worked iron.Our edge is our ability to churn out high volumes while maintaining a quality product backed by excellent service. Using modern machinery and equipment, we able to hand and machine forge into various shapes and forms.The adoption of quality control in our production set up has redefined our manufacturing process, thereby adding value to quality and service delivery.We are well positioned to consistently deliver both mass and customized solutions on schedule thereby not compromising on project timeless.Delight your senses with our hallmark elegance and reassurance of the finest workmanship.

Thank you for visiting us online. 

Constance Elizabeth Swaniker
Founder / CEO